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Phase 2

Modifying the Squamish River Training Berm - 2020-2023

Estuary 15d July 15 (JB).JPG

Partial Opening

Modified Winter/Spring 2022

300 metres at the southern end of the Squamish River training berm was removed to a 1.8 metre tide. This allowed the Squamish River to be connected to its estuary about 80% of the time while still keeping the thalweg of the river in its current location to the west. The partial opening was monitored May-October 2022 for woody debris and sedimentation.

A large island was left at the very southern tip of the former training berm as a launch point for wind sports and picnic destination for the public.

Removal of the remaining 550 metres of the 850 meters to be modified began in February 2023. As was the case during the partial removal the year before, the deconstruction was closed down for three weeks during the herring run. The full 850 metre modification was completed May 18, 2023 and the site has been re-opened to the public.

About half way along the new opening, the removal began to integrate with the topography of the grasses and sedges on the river side of the former berm (approximately where the excavator is located on the adjacent photo. This area will be actively planted with sedges and grasses leaving an unplanted area pedestrian movement.

2023-4-20 Spit removal (9).JPG
2023-4-20 Spit removal (10).JPG
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